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Are you tired of not knowing who is calling you from that unknown number on your Caller ID? Or those remarkably persistent telemarketers dead set on inturrupting your qiot time with a unsolicited sales pitch? Help yourself and others just like you by filing a quick report of your dealings with a phone number to help others to decide if a call is safe to accept!

Recent Phone Reports:

Aug 25 02:56PM

Best Us bank ever!! Talk with Pete there and he can get you a great deal!
Reported by Corey M

Aug 25 02:55PM

Anyone know this number? They call me about twice a day
Reported by Shaylie

Aug 13 01:46PM

Some rude sounding Asian who was speaking jibberish to me and I hung up on them, and they immediately call back and still can't talk English.
Reported by stop

Aug 13 01:44PM

who is this?
Reported by Vanessa

Aug 10 02:45PM

If anyone needs a Pomeranian puppy, this number is the number for Salt Lake's top breeder. I believe she has 2 litters available now. Ask for Tonya
Reported by Abby23

Aug 10 02:42PM

This is my old number from high school! Omg I had so many memories from then... my new number is 902-848-6315
Reported by Lacy P

Aug 08 02:59PM

Spam number for well Fargo. Number kept trying to sell me credit cards and shit
Reported by Steven

Aug 06 02:50PM

I'm renting my 3bed/2b bath place in Caldwell for $1,100. Please contact me at this number if interested.
Reported by Stevie Flares

Aug 06 01:15PM

Been hassled REPEATEDLY by the same guy who calls from this number. His name is Pedro and speask little English. I have told him he has the wrong number, but he doesn't understand
Reported by vivi

Aug 06 01:04PM

I've gotten 32 calls from this number in the last month. I haven't answered any of them, and they never leave a message. If someone can tell me who this is, that would be great.
Reported by Tammi65

Aug 06 01:02PM

Hit me up if you're in the phoenix area.. I'm a ton of fun!
Reported by Louis

Aug 03 12:25PM

Stupid IRS hotline number to call for refund questions. I couldn't get a live body for the longest time. I am appalled we have such a terrible system.
Reported by Drew

Jul 25 09:15AM

I think this is a robo caller that just dials and dials.
Reported by Ronnie

Jul 22 01:20PM

Best resource for the area! Let's you know where good food and drinks
Reported by Samantha

Jul 17 06:46PM

I would like to know who's number this is.
Reported by hoping

Jul 15 02:13PM

I have had a default loan with Wells Fargo for several years now, and have successfully avoided all their collection calls except this one... This is their sneaky number.
Reported by Bobbi

Jul 15 01:33PM

I was on Tinder and gave my number out to this guy like a stupid person, and now he keeps sending me nude pics all the time, and won't stop. I blocked his number, but wanted to put his out here in case someone else runs into him.
Reported by Natalie65

Jul 14 08:08PM

spam number. Don't answer
Reported by Voxer

Jul 14 08:06PM

anyone wanting to party down in the MIami area tonight?
Reported by best night ever

Jul 14 06:00PM

This number will tell you where to find the rare pokemon in your area! I used it and found a Garados! :D
Reported by Nichole

Jul 14 02:43PM

This person was a woman who called asking for details on her policy. I was super confused and when I tried to get additional information from her, she hung up.
Reported by Louie 54

Jul 14 01:27PM

Us Bank Credit card number for issues.
Reported by Kevin L

Jul 11 08:06PM

does someone know who this is in the area?
Reported by Frankie T

Jul 11 07:09PM

This number was the customer service number for Macy's. Worst customer service for a retailer ever!!!
Reported by Lonnie Phels

Jul 11 06:43PM

this number called me today selling ps4 memberships.
Reported by Susan W

Jul 11 02:30PM

Anyone in the area playing Pokémon? I need an Eevee
Reported by gotta catch them all

Jul 11 02:29PM

best Pep Boys in town! Call and ask for Dave
Reported by fan

Jul 11 02:26PM

some scam number that never leaves a message.
Reported by doom4u

Jul 09 05:51PM

Can someone tell me who this is that keeps calling me?/
Reported by Braxton

Jul 09 11:38AM

some redneck hick called me to let me know about his dogs for sale. I have never expressed interest in purchasing a dog from him, so I am very confused by this. He says his name is Ray. Has anyone experienced this too?
Reported by Pam17