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Are you tired of not knowing who is calling you from that unknown number on your Caller ID? Or those remarkably persistent telemarketers dead set on inturrupting your qiot time with a unsolicited sales pitch? Help yourself and others just like you by filing a quick report of your dealings with a phone number to help others to decide if a call is safe to accept!

Recent Phone Reports:

Sep 23 09:43PM

Who has gotten calls from this number? My 9 year old daughter has this number on her phone and it never allows me to answer.
Reported by Rob

Sep 23 09:42PM

Fantastic resource to see what time zone the number calling you is in!
Reported by Tracie Stevens

Sep 23 04:46PM

Some old people's homes keep calling me when I'm only 23. When I say that they then ask me if I want to volunteer. No thks
Reported by F that

Sep 22 01:24AM

Damn telemarketing polled about student loans
Reported by 9262

Sep 22 01:24AM

I've called this number multiple times looking for my friend Ron. This was his last number I have. If anyone knows his new number plz let me know. Peace
Reported by Lil G

Sep 22 01:22AM

Have trouble growing long and thick lashes??! Try nulash!! Worked on me in 3 weeks and now they look like I have fake ones on. Amazon has best prices!
Reported by Becca

Sep 22 01:20AM

This number rings about 4 times and then stops. I haven't answered because I know of no one with this number, and hike they will eventually leave a message.
Reported by Grayson James

Sep 17 02:16PM

This number keeps calling me every week and hangs up when I answer. Would be helpful to know who this is.
Reported by Ryam

Sep 16 01:52PM

Damien's number for some of the best and most colorful lay's you will ever see! He has a wonderful selection. He also does private snorkeling tours, which really made our trip memorable!
Reported by Wanda Thompson

Sep 14 12:20PM

My name is Riley, and this is my mom's old number before she passed away. For anyone looking to reach her, please know she is gone, and to stop trying to contact this number for her.
Reported by Rachel

Sep 13 06:05PM

Omg this person!!! -.-
Reported by Stacey73

Sep 10 03:44PM

I'm in Boise for the weekend and would like to have some fun. My name is Kelsey, hit me up if you're down.
Reported by Kelsey4u

Sep 10 01:51PM

Selling my 2006 Mustang Gt! Asking 10,000. Contact Jim at this number for details
Reported by Jim Mustang

Sep 10 01:01PM

Worst customer service ever! I called this number to speak with Wells Fargos loan department because I had a payment that was not showing as posted. I went through the phone prompts to speak with the correct department, and when I FINALLY got there the man helping me was super rude, and said he wasn't even an underwriter...after I pressed '4' to speak with an underwriter. He couldn't help me with my problem, and when I asked to speak with a supervisor instead of the little pompous ass, he said s
Reported by Ruby

Sep 03 12:49PM

Asiago's is the best restaurant in all of Texas! HUUgge steaks and delicious beer. Ask for the server Stacie, and she will make sure you have the best dining experience.
Reported by Ronald4days

Sep 02 10:17PM

My crazy ex named Linda. It was all fun and games until she wanted to start stealing from me behind my back. It started as little purchases, or a 20 went missing from my wallet... And then bang. She ended up taking $5000+ from me in the long run. If one of you poor fellows out there ends up getting her number, I hope you read this first...
Reported by Raven

Sep 01 09:16PM

Please someone tell me who this is
Reported by Yolandas

Aug 31 01:27PM

Really nice lady who was looking for the nearest Western Union. I guess this number was an old gas stations, and now it's mine. ;/
Reported by Robbie8

Aug 31 12:38PM

You're mom called and wanted her earrings back.
Reported by Steve

Aug 26 06:24PM

Reported by Anonymous

Aug 25 02:56PM

Best Us bank ever!! Talk with Pete there and he can get you a great deal!
Reported by Corey M

Aug 25 02:55PM

Anyone know this number? They call me about twice a day
Reported by Shaylie

Aug 13 01:46PM

Some rude sounding Asian who was speaking jibberish to me and I hung up on them, and they immediately call back and still can't talk English.
Reported by stop

Aug 13 01:44PM

who is this?
Reported by Vanessa

Aug 10 02:45PM

If anyone needs a Pomeranian puppy, this number is the number for Salt Lake's top breeder. I believe she has 2 litters available now. Ask for Tonya
Reported by Abby23

Aug 10 02:42PM

This is my old number from high school! Omg I had so many memories from then... my new number is 902-848-6315
Reported by Lacy P

Aug 08 02:59PM

Spam number for well Fargo. Number kept trying to sell me credit cards and shit
Reported by Steven

Aug 06 02:50PM

I'm renting my 3bed/2b bath place in Caldwell for $1,100. Please contact me at this number if interested.
Reported by Stevie Flares