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800-459-81846 days ago

Calls at all hours -- incessantly. I'm on the so-called National Do Not Call List. Is that a scam in itself?

Reported by : Rose

954-366-20116 days ago

Timeshare and vacation robo call. Root number is 1-239-319-2256 Florida also. Using dozens of numbers from many states, with this root number. Will not delete my number from call list as I requested. FCC complaint filed. Block these relentless scammers! Do not answer!

Reported by : Wesley

929-302-34202 weeks ago

Thanks for the information. This number has been calling me three/four times a day for the last two days. After reading the above comments I am blocking their number?

Reported by : Frank

847-752-40532 weeks ago

Called wanting to buy hvac equipment on a credit card. When he could not come up with a billing address for the credit card I became suspicious. Then he insisted someone else pi.

Reported by : John

845-618-69802 weeks ago

Called. No one on the other end when I answered. Phone finally hung up?

Reported by : Melinda

160-428-23452 weeks ago

This person has phoned twice today asking for my father who is not well, they say they are calling about the irish lottery which my father has canceled so why are they calling.

Reported by : Veronica

301-481-26602 weeks ago

Was just tagged as Spam Caller.!

Reported by : Tabatha

619-354-99752 weeks ago

This person is calling themselves Alex Benson. I think they may be scamming people.

Reported by : John

631-850-32912 weeks ago

Just spoke with someone this morning. I'm wary now, having had Empire Radio (who got my name and number from Yelp, btw) try to give me a free 8 min radio slot about my business. Talking to the guy from this number, it is ALSO a radio company whom - in my case at least - wanted to interview me. He said he had a list of 6 "Empowered Women" whom he was going to feature. When I asked where he got my number, he told me that he had just been given a list and did not know. When I asked how much, he tol

Reported by : Carol

509-774-68012 weeks ago

Scam - caller states you are a winner and wants you to send money

Reported by : Shawn

708-320-00772 weeks ago

Left no message.

Reported by : John

805-225-38462 weeks ago

Yet another unwanted call from this Morro Bay VOIP number arrived today, just 5 weeks since the last call on March 30. Once again, then the answering machine picked up, the caller left no message, just dead space. Of course, robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) do this all the time while trolling the phone lines seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. This number may be linked to (805) 225-6386, another Morro Bay VOIP number that places robocalls incessantly, including one to me just earlier tod

Reported by : Joann

845-286-97543 weeks ago

Same as above, not answered call?

Reported by : Keith

817-754-63543 weeks ago

A local number that has called me 4 times in the last month. Since they never leave a message, I'm sure it's a spam bot recording or similar worthless trash.

Reported by : Johnny

335-004-50373 weeks ago

it is calling every almost 2 hours since 7 am thru the night. Not sure what this number comes from but I believe is a random number that could give skype, dont you?

Reported by : Christian

347-349-95053 weeks ago

This person is a scammer. Claims to be from Advance America loans.

Reported by : Gary

956-233-74013 weeks ago

Dumb ass worthless niggers trying to scam you, to damm lazy to get a real job so they try to scam people of their hard earned money. Don't answer this number and block it as soon as they call, the guy is a retard and the lady is a dumb ass bitch try to say they are going to issue a warrant...

Reported by : Jessica

201-701-23493 weeks ago

Thanks, I am so glad I looked up the number. This person is inquiring with me now about a ring I have on craigslist. Same thing as Nc - Wants shipped to TX as a gift. I'm from CT?..

Reported by : Maggie

214-668-89753 weeks ago

missed call?

Reported by : Cheryl

442-037-00003 weeks ago

Yes back in November 2016 I got numerous harassing calls from a male claiming to be in London but had no accent. How he knew my name or got my number not sure but it stopped after a few weeks. I thought it was strange cause he never left a voicemail or text ever. When asked he could say how but he did want money to invest. All shady shit and be cautious ok

Reported by : Andrea

706-508-62483 weeks ago

scam. pick up and have fun with them. but dont give them any info and dont believe a word they say?.

Reported by : Jutta

904-903-48713 weeks ago

It is collections dept for Credit One credit card. Persistent buggers, call from many different states and numbers. Whatever. Yawwwn. Blocked. Back to my nap???..

Reported by : Angela

170-265-00993 weeks ago

Called and did not leave message.

Reported by : Henry

514-612-21963 weeks ago

just got a call when I picked it up there was no answer. I called it back and its been busy now for the past 3 hrs

Reported by : Jane

210-870-30333 weeks ago

They call and ask for Deborah (not me). I tell them "wrong number. Please remove me from your list." They never do and keep calling back. I don't know how t...

Reported by : Wade

913-490-51003 weeks ago

Avoid the calls, phifsing scams

Reported by : Florence

424-272-85853 weeks ago

asking for money ask to open bank account to cash check for her?

Reported by : Andrea

514-612-21963 weeks ago

just got a call when I picked it up there was no answer. I called it back and its been busy now for the past 3 hrs?.

Reported by : Alejandra

214-668-89753 weeks ago

missed call?

Reported by : Cheryl

844-589-87593 weeks ago


Reported by : Bertha

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