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209-266-852015 hours ago

The Department Of Education has approved your student loan for complete forgiveness... Call now at (209)-266-8520 It's a scam!!!!

Reported by : Michelle

343-887-958215 hours ago

A scammer, gave his name as Ryan Smith, left a message saying I was under investigation -- something about federal taxes and I better not ignore this call. But ...

Reported by : Ernest

630-489-635915 hours ago

Threatened me with a judgement on a bogus account from 1997. These guys are SCAMMERS. Dont send them a dime.

Reported by : Mary

170-265-009916 hours ago

Called and did not leave message?..

Reported by : David

909-730-570117 hours ago

Harassing sales calls saying they are from a resort you have stayed at. Automated you can't even tell them to stop calling you unless you wait and play along till they finally connect you with a person. I have received numerous calls from different numbers by 1 or 2 digits, same thing...

Reported by : Roy

646-357-183017 hours ago

Recorded message stating sensitive matter and if myself or my attorney didn't return the call immediately, I would suffer legal consequences. SCAM

Reported by : Roger

304-410-434317 hours ago

Martha Hubbard Harris 207 Michigan Ave Nitro Wv

Reported by : Patricia

646-628-411017 hours ago

I also received a call about someone trying to serve my husband papers (courier). Shannon Hill called my husband and said he had a bill and demanded our cc info or she'd file a claim with courts and garnish wages. She is in CA and the hospital is in Florida. She won't give proof and our state does not allow wage garnishment except child support and taxes. Plus, we haven't lived in that state for 10 years so the medical claim is over the 4 year statute. Going to send info to CA Attorney General.

Reported by : Annie

845-286-975417 hours ago

Same as above, not answered call?

Reported by : Keith

844-852-623018 hours ago

I was told that area code 844 is one of many area codes that require the person called (if they answer) to pay the long distance charge. I will try to find where I google-ed this info. I may have just tried the area code by itself on Google.

Reported by : Joel

888-641-133318 hours ago

offering loan?

Reported by : David

510-232-685619 hours ago

I don't want to receive spam calls from 5102326856. Somebody uses this phone for spam calls - for years already! If I contine to get calls I will sue them for harrassment....

Reported by : Raymond

614-562-411519 hours ago

I answered it because it looks like a Verizon cell # but they wanted to 'lower my interest rate'. Couldn't tell me which card and continually talked over me. ---------- Reported from Westerville, Ohio

Reported by : Colin

956-644-771220 hours ago


Reported by : Willie

609-729-720920 hours ago

Caller ID: Hart Donna a local number for me. I answered guy on the other end identified himself as Jason. "Since I had stayed ay one of his resorts, I was avail...

Reported by : Gordon

1848217420220 hours ago

The recording said that they were the goverment and that I needed to call them right away as soon as I heard the message, not going to happen. IOf it is the goverment...and if i...

Reported by : Polly

843-552-702421 hours ago

answered call and no one on line, although I did not hang around around to see if anyone did came back on-line.

Reported by : Maria

126-888-888021 hours ago

If you are on your Cellphone - Install "truecaller" which will block spam call automatically and will also show you who is calling if not on your contacts. App is free on google play store.

Reported by : Alfred

714-266-889322 hours ago

Thursday, May 4th, called at 9:30AM. No answer, no message.

Reported by : Sandy

757-506-369322 hours ago

Somehow the caller knew my name...scary since I use a cell phone. She wanted me to collect money door to door from my street neighbors for cancer. Does the Cancer Society really still do this or was this fishy? Wish I had asked her how she knew my name and got my tel.#

Reported by : Robert

720-666-685422 hours ago

Same here in Seattle, no message left, unable to call back, no ringtone on their end, suspect it's the Gov't or Google spying on the Public, or some other Dope Smokin&...

Reported by : Walter

316-243-926923 hours ago

Was just tagged as Spam Caller..!!

Reported by : Nancy

888-526-698823 hours ago

Scam, Claimed to be the IRS with an arrest warrant for me.

Reported by : Richard

306-803-559724 hours ago

He call me to offer job in Canada

Reported by : Bonnie

316-226-90841 day ago


Reported by : Aaron

202-307-77172 days ago

Claim of being randomly selected to receive a grant from the IRS.

Reported by : Dorothy

603-785-71673 days ago

603-785-7167 called 4:52pm on 3 May 2017. CID stated COURCHESNE DANI. Spoofed number of Manchester, NH?.

Reported by : Robert

202-245-88883 days ago

Multiple calls from this number. Leaves no message. Caller ID shows Washington DC.

Reported by : Paul

179-273-52063 days ago

We just had a call from this number asking for the MD Its an insurance company, didn't get the name

Reported by : Victoria

613-800-74433 days ago

Call to let us know regarding a huge lawsuit?

Reported by : Mirta

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