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303-880-99274 days ago

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Reported by : Ebay same style authentic jerseys wholesale to off

414-645-66612 weeks ago

This number calls me constantly

Reported by : Gina

862-437-49691 month ago

Scammer. Leaves no answer.

Reported by : Kevin

424-215-26031 month ago

This number keeps calling Sharp Healthcare, daily. I can hear a woman talking, right when I pick up, but then they don't talk. Pls block this #!

Reported by : anonymous

972-743-12201 month ago

I received a weird text

Reported by : Pg

888-515-31992 months ago

Yela unnav reshu

Reported by : Hari

219-228-86642 months ago

This number has 2 more....-8662 + 8663 Don't know who they are and DON"T CARE>>> Will not answer?.

Reported by : Cynthia

317-210-81382 months ago

every Thursday I get a call from this number claiming to be from an attorney trying to collect a debt. I've tried to press one for a rep but just get a busy signal I'm afraid to call it back for fear of charges. I live in florida this call comes fr...

Reported by : Andrea

530-564-09262 months ago

After windows 10 came out and was download onto my Dell computer the same thing happened to me.they got 200.00 and ruined my computer. I was smart I put the charge on a credit card And filed a complaint with Microsoft and had my money back within 2 days.!!! I'm still getting calls from the scammers and just tell them they owe me a New computer... I have been on the national do not call list since 1997 and every jackass can get the doesn't work. Good luck with that.

Reported by : Stella

844-819-33852 months ago

So sick of these people if everybody started calling them back with the same automated messages every 10 minutes they would not have the time to call and annoy anybody, they ought to be strung up, called number back said no one is available leave a message told them I do not have anything against me but they will if they call back as I will make a police report. Then did what I needed to do so they cannot call back! I cannot believe this crap every few months when tax season begins and ends. Cal

Reported by : Ernest

751-392-95682 months ago

Said he was the police?

Reported by : Kate

845-618-69802 months ago

Called. No one on the other end when I answered. Phone finally hung up?

Reported by : Melinda

888-503-84812 months ago

Storm chasers looking for roofing work, scam company located in Noble, OK

Reported by : Lisa

423-225-02092 months ago

Was just tagged as Safe to Answer....

Reported by : Brittany

238-068-20432 months ago

When I dialed the number it said incorrect number from Southampton so I have blocked it. Obviously it was a nuisance call?.

Reported by : Grace

888-641-13332 months ago

offering loan?

Reported by : David

678-249-13993 months ago

Credit collector

Reported by : Kc

419-833-95603 months ago

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Reported by : Steve

803-556-93833 months ago

This female keeps harrassing me everyday

Reported by : Ellen

848-467-11773 months ago

Some one is using my name and it is not me this is not my number

Reported by : Amanda kertesz

678-726-50153 months ago

Who are these people and what do they want??? I never answer phone numbers I don't recognize and they don't leave a message. But they call many times throughout the day.

Reported by : Lydia Williams

305-854-51804 months ago

When called back immediately, it was "disconnected or no longer in service"............suspicious!

Reported by : Sophie

800-459-81844 months ago

Calls at all hours -- incessantly. I'm on the so-called National Do Not Call List. Is that a scam in itself?

Reported by : Rose

954-366-20114 months ago

Timeshare and vacation robo call. Root number is 1-239-319-2256 Florida also. Using dozens of numbers from many states, with this root number. Will not delete my number from call list as I requested. FCC complaint filed. Block these relentless scammers! Do not answer!

Reported by : Wesley

929-302-34204 months ago

Thanks for the information. This number has been calling me three/four times a day for the last two days. After reading the above comments I am blocking their number?

Reported by : Frank

847-752-40534 months ago

Called wanting to buy hvac equipment on a credit card. When he could not come up with a billing address for the credit card I became suspicious. Then he insisted someone else pi.

Reported by : John

845-618-69804 months ago

Called. No one on the other end when I answered. Phone finally hung up?

Reported by : Melinda

160-428-23454 months ago

This person has phoned twice today asking for my father who is not well, they say they are calling about the irish lottery which my father has canceled so why are they calling.

Reported by : Veronica

301-481-26604 months ago

Was just tagged as Spam Caller.!

Reported by : Tabatha

619-354-99754 months ago

This person is calling themselves Alex Benson. I think they may be scamming people.

Reported by : John

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